So, this is what all the fuss is about…

Well, I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation.  I have always enjoyed having an outlet for discussion of spiritual things, as well as some things political, and things related to Barbershop.  Though I enjoy warm lather on my neck and a straight razor to clean my outline, I’m referring to that gorgeous, challenging, irritating, classic American music form of 4-part a cappella singing. 

For those of you catching up with us, we are members of the Winstead Family, or “Williamson County Church” in Franklin, TN – which has about 130 members, 3 shepherds to oversee the flock, and one staff minister.  I often lead worship, teach adult classes and am finishing 2 graduate classes to finish my masters in Christian Ministry.  The Winstead family has a great worship experience on Sundays, including a 40-45 minute focus on Communion.  More later on specific questions, issues, and topics of interest in our local area.  Blessings!


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