Radical Religion

It’s interesting.  On TV last night was a special about Radical Islam.  The opening portion of the show was to demonstrate how most Muslims live deeply faithful lives, and are not in fact violent.  However, the sect which has grown into a vengeful, terrorist sect of the Islamic faith has gained most of the attention.  This was ultimately the focus of the show.  I don’t intend to compliment the zeal of these Radical Muslims in any way – I rather believe their stated faith in the name of Allah as a cloak for acts of hatred and Jihad are wrong in many ways.  It is terribly sad to me that this takes place and children of my kindergartner’s age are already chanting prose and poetry of hatred toward the west and the great Satan.  Many of them can already quote books and books of the Quran.  I must respect the zeal which is centered on the Quran’s teachings.  As a Christian, I certainly don’t agree doctrinally with the Quran; but the fervor of the faithful to be pleasing to Allah is certainly a type of faith worth emulating.  This is not the story with the radical Muslims who have taken license to cause terror.  It was evident on (what I believe to be) the best TV show on the air, “Criminal Minds” last week, that almost all of the terrorism taking place in the name of Jihad is retribution, revenge, and deep sealed hatred that is only justifiable by twisting their Quran scriptures.

But as adamant as I am against terrorism – and especially terrorism cloaked in faith, I would be a fool not to take a lesson from it.  How many books of the Scripture can I quote, much less my kindergarten son quote?  Oh he knows the lessons, and frankly I’d put him up against any other kindergartner in a theological debate.  He can whip out, “huh uh… that doesn’t make God happy,” or “that’s not like Jesus” as good as anybody.  But most of us Americans have no clue about the role of faith and it’s depth to the people of the East.  God’s people need to become radical.  We need an hour of prayer, or rather hours of prayer.  We who claim Christ is the only way to God must be radical practitioners of piety.  What ever happened to holiness?  Not just resisting temptation, and staying “out of” trouble, but being proactive to prune our spiritual lives into growing, blossoms of life?  Not to mention the simple things like manners, politeness, candor, and couth…

I know I need to change.  I have so far to go, and yet I need to “catch up” with my lost time of wastefulness, and become a pillar of holiness in my family.  If you’re reading this, please pray for me to do that.  I don’t plan to preach any great sermon on the Capitol steps or the Washington Mall, but I need to become radical.  God knows, we all need to, and perhaps if his people rise up and be holy, Christ would be clearly seen as the true Messiah by all; the Immanuel. 


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