Older parents… does it sink in?

By the title, that may sound pretty disrespectful.  But I have a question for all of you seasoned parents out there who’ve “been there, done that.”  Do the lessons we pound and pound into the brains of our mushheaded children ever sink in?  I feel like I have totally filled a sponge with water sometimes and am commanding it to take in more water!  MORE WATER!!!

I guess I’m starting to really understand Bill Cosby’s perspective on “brain damage.”  Ours are starting to show it.  I mean, I LOVE my kids, and Elizabeth and I adore them more than anything.  They laugh and play, and teach us daily; and we’ve not laughed as much in my family ever as when this little girl came around.

Case in point:  tonight I had just finished telling Jacob twice, “son, don’t tap your fork any more.”  TWICE!  Then he went ahead and started tapping…  BRAIN DAMAGE!  He actually said, “yes sir” both times, but it didn’t matter!  In this case it was trivial and he was sooooo excited about Tellini’s spaghetti.  –  This morning  – Amberlee had bacon grease on her fingers.  She’s running around and stopped to wipe her hand on the couch at Nanna and Pap’s house.  I said, “Amberlee, come here and wipe your hands.”  She said, “yes m’am” and stayed there.  (I’m just glad she’s saying the m’am part OR the sir part)  I told her again, because it may not have registered the first time.  She stayed.  Then she wiped her hand on the couch again!  Agggghhhhh!!!

But… later I said, “Amberlee, do you want to go to see Uncle Morgan?”  She said, “I’m not Amburrrrlee.”  I said, “oh, ok, then who are you?”  to which she replied, “I’m PRINCESS Amburrrrlee.”  I think we’ve taken the Disney thing too far.  Maybe we’re the ones brain damaged.  Later, on the way to Tellini’s, I put Star Wars Episode II in the DVD player.  Amberlee heard Anakin backtalking Obi Wan, and she said, “he not bein’ nice.”  I just turned around for a second, and I heard her mutter, “he need be like Jedus (Jesus).” 

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  That wise Proverb rings in my head, often.  I guess we just keep on keeping on, and try to live holy lives ourselves so they see it in action.  Sometimes, they regurgitate those teachings when we least expect them!


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