Prayer for the Chinese believers

Father, your people in China are struggling.  While they seem to be hungrily consuming your word and many are coming to Christ, some are being taken by a cult and overpowered by the enemy.  Please strengthen their resolve.  Help them to see within themselves that they must ground themselves in a way to resist the shameless and shrewd enticements of these Eastern Lightning folks.  Be with all those ministering to them, from far off or from within their own.  I praise you for the rich soil that you’ve begun to cultivate these saints in.  While it seems communist China would be terribly opposed to the gospel, they are warming up to it; and you have provided that by your saints living faithful lives and becoming productive children for their Lord.  In this, they serve their daily tasks with holiness, and I pray that you would continue that.  Provide a web of strength for your children to resist the difficult challenges of this cult and to be able to stand together.  Help them to know that all is well in Christ Jesus.  Empower them to love and show their good deeds daily as an outpouring of their election.  In the name of Jesus, who gives all strength and whose risen tomb is the power we have, amen.


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