Elizabeth is Stoned…

This is no time for humor, actually.  I have such bad taste…  Seriously, please pray for Elizabeth right now.  She is in the hospital with a kidney stone and WAS in excruciating pain.  The pain is subsiding – gradually – thanks to modern meds, but they are keeping her in St. Thomas Hospital here in Nashville probably a 2nd night, tonight.  The main issues are her nausea and the concern about dehydration, and the pain is being dealt with by the professionals.  I took her in to the E.R. last night about 9:oo, and after a CT Scan and 4 or 5 doses of pain and nausea meds, she continued to have great pain and nausea, so they admitted her at about 3:15 a.m. 

We are in pretty good shape with our contingency plan, (my parents watching kids, etc.) and our trip to Louisiana/Texas was put off today, of course.  But other than that, several good sisters have jumped in and helped out.  God is good; let’s just pray for her to quickly pass the kidney stone.  I’ve never seen her in this much pain.


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