Christmas… our 6th time with kids

Well, we’ve survived a 6th Christmas holiday.  This time, there were noticeably more grown up gifts…  Santa brought Jacob a bike.  A very cool one!  At the end of an hour he was riding 50 yards or so by himself.  Woohoo!  Amberlee got a Barbie trike, and is equally ecstatic about it.  Then there’s the Star Wars lego video game, the Princess this, Princess that.  But I think more than anything we were thankful to be able to have healthy family, this year.

Elizabeth was herself today for the first time in a while – she’s simply been uncomfortable for a great many days (or weeks) now.  After her kidney stone passed – a week ago tonight – I was curious how it would turn out.  I think the Lord timed it right.  It didn’t happen until we had a solid health plan for medical coverage.  But today, it was awesome just to sit and play with the kids, watch CARS with the fam, eat some good grub, and shoot some pool with my brother.  God is so good!  We had a lesson with Amberlee this Christmas… that all good gifts are from above, according to the NT book of James.  It took her a while, but I think she is beginning to understand the reason we do this gift “thing” is because the greatest gift of all was given to us; a Savior’s love.  At least she knows the “most important thing” is to make God happy, and be like Jesus.


One thought on “Christmas… our 6th time with kids

  1. Hey…Josiah got a Darth Vadar “voice-changer” that Jacob is going to love. You might even like it too. Glad you all had a relaxing Christmas after the stone was passed. God is good, I agree.

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