a Great Christmas gift!

Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for a great gift!  A Books-A-Million gift card!  Woohoo!!  I went in yesterday afternoon to try and find a specific Bible I’ve been trying to find for years; an NIV/NASB/Greek New Testament Parallel Bible.  Oh well, I didn’t find it (pretty much a specialty I’m sure) and I started to browse the other new ones. 

I came across the TNIV Study Bible.  At Harding Graduate School of Religion, the Zondervan folks sent us cases and cases of paperback TNIV New Testaments a couple of years ago for each student.  The entire text (OT and NT) had not been published yet, so I was surprised to see it out at the Bookstore.  I like the translation and the study Bible a lot.  As study Bibles go, this one is great.  I’ve had a few that were better in this or that category… but overall, the helps in this Bible are phenomenal. 

The cover is a neat “worn” look, with bright Red and pale Yellow bindings; very unique.  The font is almost so “new” that you can’t put it down.  It’s like some sort of Arial or Garamond font… very light and attractive.  The pages are in 2-colors throughout; chapter numbers in Red, text in Black, except for the words of Christ.  They are in Red… which I still appreciate.  The introductions to the books are splendid; especially to me are the Hosea and Joel ones… they were done by one of my professors at HUGSR, Dr. Jack P. Lewis – an authority on the Minor Prophets.  Also the NIV Study Notes & Notes index are very good, although a comment from time to time bears a certain sectarian bias – especially toward a Calvinistic bent.  But these are few and far between (plus it’s the notes at the bottom… so some folks don’t read ’em) and the notes are really very good overall.  The maps, Topical Index, and Concordance are the best I’ve ever seen in a Study Bible.  And if you’re wondering, “what makes Today’s NIV (TNIV) any different?” it’s basically for 3 things.  1)  Messiah is used in the place of Christ in cases where the Jews would have recognized Messiah rather than the Greek Christos (Christ)  2) Gender bias in our modern English are replaced by more androgenous terms (Brothers & Sisters, rather than Brethren, or Brothers only) and also other English idioms are used that have evolved in the last 30 years since the NIV came out, and finally, 3) “Saints” is used to replace other equal terms in many places.  The early church would have used this word and apparently the writers did use it in the Greek manuscripts repeatedly.

It’s a great Bible, and Books-A-Million has it for 30% off right now!  Get it in Hardback.  Thanks Morgan & Amber!


One thought on “a Great Christmas gift!

  1. Well, I made it to your site and I like it. Pretty smart guy, my son-in-law, and my daughter for finding him or maybe it was him finding her. Seriously, Drew I was visit more often now that I have put it in my favorites.

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