Psalm 12 – the godly are no more…

Ok, so I’ve been a little busy in the last week, and haven’t been able to post.  I guess this is the longest span so far that I’ve not put something up, so hopefully I’ll be back in it now that I’m home!

Psalm 12.  Wow… this amazing prayer of David helps me to understand more about this great man’s heart and his sincere grounding in God  Perhaps it was the first “blog” or journal… the Psalms!  I am amazed at the sincerity of his words; I can begin to see the heavy, deep, thoughts of David in this Psalm as they appear in 34, and 51 as well as many other places.  “Help, Lord, for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men.  Everyone lies to his neighbor…”  Well, that certainly seems like it would apply in any age!  The final verse of the Psalm is accutely accurate to our modern time also – “The wicked freely strut around when what is vile is honored among men.”  Boy do we see that in the world we live in!

I have been struggling with my place in the world as a man of God.  As a light shining in the darkness, there are many implications for me in my daily walk, and my influence on those who are not in the Son.  First, there are several things; as John 3 discusses, light shines in darkness.  If we are the light for others because we are trying our best to walk in holiness and Godliness, where might the light shine?  The darkness.  DARKNESS!

Boy, talk about a shocker to some folks.  Am I saying that we all need to hit the bars, men’s clubs, gambling halls, and countless places where the light of God needs to be shown?  Maybe… but primarily I’m just saying that the Light of Christ must shine in the darkness.  How can light shone in the LIGHT be of any great effect?  It makes things brighter, like when you turn 2 lamps on in a large room.  So it is of great benefit to be light to our fellow brothers and sisters in Him.  However, Jesus ate with the sinners.  He did not come to heal the “well”, but those who are sick!  The struggle I have is just “how” dark the darkness has to be for me to shine in it!  I learned in Memphis that there was no way I could influence many of my non-Christian friends unless I showed them I care about them.  Did that mean going to the beer hall after our sing-outs and hanging with them late?  Well, it did for me.  There were countless opportunities after a while that the Light of Christ was able to shine in a dark place, thanks to the Lord’s being with me on those occasions.    The situations will change, and the circumstances will be different.  But darkness is all around us, and we must shine in it to show the glory of God and the wisdom of Christ!  Praise God for Psalm 12 and the thoughts of one of God’s most holy men of old.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 12 – the godly are no more…

  1. Great thoughts, Drew. I’ve been thinking about all of this more and more recently and really appreciate the sentiments you’ve shared.

    I have a very strong brother in the Lord who has shown me more about carrying that light into the darkness than anyone I know. It seems this guy can’t get enough of sharing the light and his example has pricked my heart many times. While at times in my life, I may have avoided too much time with someone like him for fear of feeling more guilt, I ache for his presence and fire for the Lord now.

    I pray I learn to live in this way myself and share the amazing story of Christ more powerfully and regularly.

    I think you may enjoy my most recent post. Check it out when you get a chance.

  2. Derek – thanks for your encouragement. I’ll be sure to check your recent post. I have added you as a link on my blogroll, and hope others are built up by your study. Keep the faith, bro!

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