Mere Discipleship

I’m reading a great book right now.  Tonight as I sit in my hotel room in Albuquerque, NM, I’ve had plenty of time to read this work.  The book is written by Lee Camp, a professor at Lipscomb U in Nashville, and I’m really starting to like this guy.  The book is one that was on our reading list for one of my courses in my study program at Harding Grad in Memphis.  Mere Discipleship – Radical Christianity in a Rebellious World is fantastic in the first 3 chapters at least… that as far as I’ve gotten.

This book introduces things that I’ve wondered about for quite some time.  For example; what relationship is the true disciple of Christ to have as a citizen of the government of the U.S.A.?  I grew up a Boy Scout and with a Dad who was a Marine – It didn’t take me long to figure out which way a flag should hang!  (by the way, the blue field of stars is always to the left, even if the flag is vertical)  David Lipscomb, the spiritual icon from the Nashville area, died nearly 100 years ago.  One of Lipscomb’s deep issues was how the Christian should interact with his government; such as, should he enlist in military service?  (he dealt with issues as deep as the Civil War – bros. in Christ going up against bros. in Christ… with vehement hatred in some cases.)  should a Christian run for office?  Lipscomb even dealt with things that were far more “out there” about government than questions I ever would have dreamed of asking from my background.

I’ll probably make several posts about this book, it stimulates so much thought.  One thing I will talk about in the next day or 2 if I have time is the “Constantinian Cataract” – an interesting theological topic on the role of Constantine in Christianity’s history.  More later…


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