Pray for Ethan

Some of you may have already found my wife’s cousin’s webpage – http://www.ethanpowell.comIf you haven’t, PLEASE go visit this site.  Ben and Becky Powell have a 2-month old baby boy, Ethan.  Long story short, they went to the Dr. last week for a well-visit, and the Doc said, “hmmm, there feels like a bit of a lump on his liver area.  We’d better do a test.”  Ethan’s White Blood Cell count was off the charts.  It DID read on the scale, but it was 1.5 million or so – which is amazingly astronomical.  The Doctor referred them to the Hospital in Shreveport, LA because he thought his machine was broken.  Sadly, when they tested him, they came up with 1.6 million on their cell count.  Just so you know the stats, a normal baby’s count is somewhere in the low thousands.  St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis become concerned about 20,000 WBC, and Ethan’s count was truly accurate.  He has Leukemia.

He is a very healthy boy – otherwise!  Ethan is 2 mos. old (born Dec. 5, 2006) and is already wearing 6-mos. clothing which is tight.  Granted, he’s on Prednisone right now, which will cause him to swell slightly.  But Ethan is still feeding naturally, and he has quite a strong grip!  What Ben and Becky are asking is that all kingdom children will pray for Ethan, and pray that God’s glory will be seen in this little boy.  He has already touched the lives of several thousand people in only the last 4-5 days.  He smiles a lot, too!

Having been there the last 2 days ourselves with Ben & Becky, we have witnessed the amazing magic that this amazing hospital provides.  The percentages of survival of this Leukemia are low, but God is not concerned with percentages.  He is big enough to answer our prayers and more than adequate to hear our cries for help.  He raised his Son from the dead, and he can heal this little boy.  Please pray that God’s power be demonstrated in this little boy, and believe that He will do it!  James 1 clearly tells us that the prayer offered in faith (belief) will be heard.  We are not so arrogant as to believe God’s will is ours, but we know God’s will was changed in scripture because of the faith and petitions of his holy people.

Lastly, support St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  They are amazing people, doing amazing things.  Their bedside manor is amazing, and they are some of the smartest doctors in the world!  Please pray for this place as well.  That God’s glory will continue to be seen through the success stories of healed children that have often been overlooked.  The Gold Dome outside St. Jude Hospital is full of the success stories of this wonderful place.  Ethan is strong and is a fighter, but God’s people need to pray for his healing.


6 thoughts on “Pray for Ethan

  1. Wow. This may sound strange, but I believe God must believe Ethans parents have a tremendous amount of faith and perseverance to have allowed Satan to put this on them. My prayer is that as their beautiful boy heals, their faith will shine to the world. I’m encouraged already.

    Thanks for sharing and please keep me updated.

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