Restoration Thinking #5 – Restore, Re-form, or Re-birth?

Thanks so much to the notes some of you leave, both privately and publicly on the blog.  I appreciate Mark’s comments on Luther and Reformation for several reasons… whether or not he meant for them to be taken this way!  When I think of the major differences in the approaches of the different era’s, I must try and view through the eyes of Catholic tradition, political religion, and a world of confusion. 

The effort of Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and countless others was vital in a re-approach to the Christian faith.  While I believe the ages have been scattered with God’s faithful disciples, there no doubt must have been deep, dark ages for the Church for close to 1000 years.  So what would the Father have us do?  Re-create the Church?  How can we possibly sort out the abundance of years and countless perversions of truth?  Can scripture alone provide us all of the answers?  Does the canon of the N.T. provide every detail for our necessity?  I believe it does.  What I don’t believe is that it is anywhere near as specific as some would make it out to be.

The truth shall set us free.  I can’t help but continue to think – as I read the Gospels, and my brother Doug’s blog – that Christ’s life must surely be as powerful a hermeneutical explanation as anything we have figured out in recent hundreds of years.  I love the idea of restoring, but does it imply that we believe we can restore it?  And, as LaGard Smith pointed out years ago in the Cultural Church (and more recently in Radical Religion) is it necessary for us to “restore” N.T. Christianity?  Thanks for reading my ramblings… just thinking out loud.  I would never presume to have all of the answers.  I just hope I’m asking some of the right questions.  Meanwhile, I have a life to live, and improve on.  Satan attacks every day, and if you’re reading this, I ask you to pray for my continued faith and solidarity – to become more convicted daily to live like the Master.


2 thoughts on “Restoration Thinking #5 – Restore, Re-form, or Re-birth?

  1. I think for me personally, the spirit of restoration means that I am trying to simply be Christ-like. Reading this year the story of Jesus as told in the Gospels, it has become clear to me that the things that were priorities to the Messiah were not necessarily what I previously thought were the most important things that determined if you were “saved” or not. Changing from the traditional “order of worship” to a different line-up is just a way to encourage growth in the relationship (upward and lateral) part of being a Christian.

  2. I agree. If the scripture teaches us anything its that God is really into simplification. He started out with only one rule in the garden. Now, granted his rules are usually principally oriented and so if recognized govern large portions of life. However I think that anyone who truly believes we need to go back to meeting in catacombs and the like might want to rethink. God expects us to love him and love others and the Church is his way of supplying the resources for that.

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