Soccer time!

Well, I’ve waited for years for this.  Those afternoons in Memphis in the back yard kicking the ball around, playing soccer with Jacob and him laughing so hard he couldn’t even run very fast, and then my taunting him by saying, “I’m gonna beat ya, I’m gonna beat ya!!!”  He would run and run, and fall down laughing.  What a great picture!  Praise God for his wonderful blessings, and children.

Last Saturday he played in his first game.  His REAL, LIVE first game!  For a Dad who WAS a sports buff, it’s very exciting.  He had his little yellow YMCA jersey and Black shorts with yellow socks – and his rockin silver/red cleats.  He started at Goalie – his FIRST GAME!!!  What’s up with that?  Oh well – I had to stay back there coaching him while the came was progressing, and he made 2 stops!  They scored on him once, but I could never have been prouder Father.  He was hussling, working hard, and got 2 good goal-kicks.

Then I heard the opposing team’s coach yell something at his players.  Remember, this is 6-8 year old soccer.  No kidding, the funniest amazing thing I heard or saw all morning was the opposing team’s coach yelling at his kids around the kickoff circle, “Seamless formation boys, SEAMLESS FORMATION!”

I nearly hit my knees!  I have not laughed that hard in months!  I mean, come on… I just got over one of the Dads of the kids on Jacob’s team telling me all about how serious a competitor his son is the few days before… and how, “he just LIVES to play defense.  I’ve never seen a kid play defense like him.”  No kidding – the guy actually said that… but of course, he had his Marines T-shirt on.  Look, my Dad was a  Marine – but he isn’t warped like this guy… good grief.

I want to see Jacob succeed… really, really do.   But at 6, I just want to see that little boy laughing until he hits the ground again b/c he can’t run and laugh at the same time!   But for cryin out loud, it’s YOUTH soccer!  Anyway, game 2 is tomorrow.  I have to go get the Gatorade and athletic tape ready for Jacob in the morning.  After all he’s got to be one of the fastest kids on the team – and I’ll bet he could…



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