Soul Searching

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching.  The Lord has been kinder to us in the last year than ever before, and our blessings have been so numerous!  We’ve had some problems too, but such is a fallen world.  The land of the living – which is always where God is – is the place I want to stay.  I have several cards taped on my desk that have me thinking more each day than ever before about who I am, what I’m doing for Him (everything… but specifically as a Husband, a Dad, a Leader, a teacher, a student, etc.) 

One of the cards says:
Unused talents give you no advantage over someone who has no talents at all.  The statement is identified as Anonymous, but we all know how actually said that.  It was the Master, Rabboni, the Lord, Jesus.  In his parable of the talents (the pun is accidental and ironic, but altogether appropriate.  Talents in scripture were measurements of $$$, not just ability) in Matthew 25, there are 3 levels of talents (a measurement of money).  One man is given 5, another 2, and another 1.  The 5 and 2 talent men took their talents and invested them, turning another 5 and 2 talents each… thus gaining the blessing and reward of their master.  The 1 talent man buried his talent in the field (undoubtedly viewed it as treasure, and something to hoard), and “wasted” his talent.

The point I get from the Anonymous quip on my desk is that I’m a fool if I sit still and don’t MAKE the opportunities arise.  The “talents” and abilities the Lord God has blessed me with must not sit idle.  His blessings will mushroom, and the joy of those blessings will grow exponentially if I apply myself to hone those skills, grow deeper in knowledge, grow closer in my walk, and more humble in my steps. 

Along with that quote, there’s another one. 
Go the extra mile.  It’s never crowded.  That one was written by Anonymous too, that’s funny…  I thought Jesus mentioned this also.  I’ve always “known” these things.  But I’ve never truly listened.  Father, forgive my foolish lack of faith, and help me stave off the attacks of the relentless adversary.  He will stop at nothing to quench my zeal, my excitement, my enthusiasm, and joy at the wonderful things you have most certainly provided.  You are God, and you are the greatness of every thing; I am just a man, and but dust.  Help me to be meek, humble, and have a fire lit under my butt to do what I need to do.  Help me send Satan back to where he belongs, in eternal misery in Hell.  Help me be like your servant, the Son of Man.


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