A Beautiful Thing

When’s the last time you saw a truly beautiful thing?  I don’t mean just taking the time to stop and see the gorgeous flowers, or perfect bermuda grass in downtown Nashville – but something like a Daddy holding his baby girl’s hand walking through Wal-Mart?  The smile on your wife’s face after the two of you enjoy a sweet remark by your children.  The sunshine on a bright Spring day…

God has blessed his children beyond all measure!  Today was just one of those days.  For some reason I felt like God was simply smiling on us and every time I turned around there was something that was a blessing. 

At bedtime recently, I’ve been telling the kids about different miracles of Jesus.  Healings, feedings, resurrection of Lazarus; all of them say something marvelous about the Master.  Tonight, we talked about the man who was lowered through the roof by his friends.  They were so desperate to help their friend, they dig, cut, punch – or whatever! – through the ceiling of the home, to lower their friend into Jesus’ presence.  Interesting – the crowd is so amazingly packed that they can’t even get through with a lame man!

We typically think about Jesus healing the lame man with this story from Luke 5.  One of the most fantastic things about this passage though, is the fact that Jesus does not heal him immediately.  He sees the faith of this man, and he said, “your sins are forgiven.”  WHAT???  The Pharisees that are there are about to jump out of their skin.  It is only after Jesus ears the grumbling and reads their hearts’ content that he says, “so you’ll believe I have power to forgive sins, stand up and walk.”  The miracle is the by-product of this situation!

The beautiful thing I saw tonight was my son’s face when I told him this story.  I told him that Jesus said “your sins are forgiven” first… and when I explained the rest of the story, and asked him what it said about Jesus.  He said that it “means Jesus is good at life.”  Yes, he is good at life…  he had a complete command of our realm, over the human body, and over every thing on earth.  What a beautiful thing!  Praise God for sending his Son, Jesus. 

Father – thank you for loving us, thank you for your Son and his selflessness.  Father, please heal our nephew Ethan.  He is a little child, whom Satan’s curse has unduly punished… please heal his cancer and let him grow to live a long, healthy life.  You have done so much in him already that is praiseworthy!


One thought on “A Beautiful Thing

  1. I had visited here a while ago and didn’t bookmark for some reason…finally I made it back! I’m enjoying reading your posts, saying prayers for Ethan, and thanking you for the reminder in this post to notice the beautiful things. Too often we get caught up in the everyday “stuff” and pass by so much…thanks!

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