A Special Boy’s Birthday!

JacobDay1Amazing how 7 years has passed.  Little baby Jacob is not so little anymore… he’s 60 pounds now, and 4-1/2 feet tall or so.  Some crazy awesome memories of the first few days with this little man, and while we knew the day he was born, we didn’t bring him into our home until July 7, 2000.  He’s a Star Wars buff, and loves soccer and swimmin – he’s a handsome young man who loves God and loves his Mama.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JACOB, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Here are a couple of random shots from recently, too.  Click here for another couple of shots of him this year:  Soccer, 2007, with Sarah Jenkins and Amberlee (sister) in March, Christmas party in 2006 at school, and then a couple of random shots from years 2 and 3.  Wow he’s grown!
Soccer2007 2 Yrs. Old Daddy’s Boots  Sarah Kids Jacob School


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