Tonight, Elizabeth and I took a much needed break from working our house over… finally getting settled in to our first house we’ve been blessed to own.  In moving stuff around, I found 2 videotapes that have been hiding for several years. 

One of the videos was of Jacob when he was about a Year old.  We had taken him to the Zoo in Memphis (a GREAT one!!), and he was such a chatterbox!  He was talking to the monkeys, the tigers, flamingos, and all the while that crazy fuzzy velcro hair of his sticking up everywhere!  He has always been a Mama’s boy, but there were several times he clearly wanted to come to Daddy.  But Daddy was so busy filming everything else that he didn’t get a chance to love on him until near the end of the Zoo trip.

There was a time after Jacob had come to Daddy on the video when my Dad – Pap – was looking down at the Rhinocerous in the mud – and Pap started smacking the rail at the lookout spot.  My Mom – Nanna – was standing between Dad and Jacob’s view.  Jacob was looking around every which way to see what Pap was doing.  It wasn’t but a few seconds before Pap smacked the rail again (to try and disturb the Rhino’s slumber) when Jacob puts his little hand down and pats the rail himself!  It was much more of a pat than a smack coming from the one-year-old.

I was amazed that this little guy is exactly the same now – at the age of 7 – as he was 6 years ago.  He loves mimicing his Daddy, his Pap, his Mama, and whomever he admires; he loves playing, throwing stuff, teasing you into tickling him more, and more, and more!  

Why don’t we mimic our Master like Jacob did Pap?  Why don’t we still long to please him?  To make him proud?  Is there ever a time when we maintain our pure-hearted diligence to please and obey him as we did when we first obeyed the Lord? 

There are a whole lot more things I got out of watching the video… most of which were sentimental warm feelings.  After all, this is a baby boy that was so unbelievably sweet and happy, and we were blessed with him by God.  And then… Amberlee asked, “can we watch me as a baby, Daddy?”  So we cruised back in time only 3-4 years to watch our little girl.

Praise God for his love and blessings!  I pray that he will guide me into holiness in the same tender way he did when I first became a father, and was so concerned about being a perfect example for my son.  And most of all, I pray that I will try to mimic the every move of my Savior, and with child-like enthusiasm to obey and serve.


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