Amberlee’s Prayer tonight…

Picking up midstream…

… and um, thank you for Jesus, dyin on the cross, because Jacob doesn’t want me in his room, and because I don’t want him in my room, because I love my piggy bank.  And thank you for Jacob, and for Mommy & Daddy, and Molly and Kate (friends), and Nanna and Pap, and thank you for doughnuts, and for Santa Claus by my sheet (next to her bed), in Jesus name, Amee-un.

Praise God for the innocent heart of a child. 


One thought on “Amberlee’s Prayer tonight…

  1. That is definitely one of the sweetest memories of my sister praying when she was a toddler! It really brings up the little things in life that sometimes teenagers and adults seem to forget sometimes! I recall a prayer my sister said and she prayed, “for the ketchup to be good on our burgers!” It is very precious!

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