Whenever two or three are gathered in My name…

…I am with them.  This past Sunday we were out of the country… well, it felt like it!  I was coming down with what I now know was STREP throat, and was laid up in the bed trying to get some rest – which of course I never got since my 7 year old wanted to sleep with Daddy.

We had our annual Spring Convention in the Dixie District of the Barbershop Harmony Society.  In lovely Greenville, South Carolina, the weather was pleasant most of the weekend, and since my quartet was trying to qualify for the International Quartet Contest (the Big Stage!) this summer, it was a big deal for us.  I’m in a comedy quartet called Lunch Break with a dear brother named Shane Scott .  Shane and I almost always share the room, and the other 2 of our quartet buddies share their own.

Shane and I have much in common – especially our faith in Christ.  It would appear that we’re going to be spending a fair amount of weekends in a hotel room on Saturday night/Sunday morning, before either early Sunday morning flights home to Nashville, or perhaps Shane will take the Sunday off (full-time minister for a church in Nashville).

Some months ago, Shane asked me, “hey buddy, on some of these Saturday nights/Sunday mornings (late, late after the afterglow shows), why don’t we share the supper together.”  I agreed that it would be an ideal time and a great idea to share that great communion together in our solitary moments  – So this past Sunday in South Carolina we enjoyed a few minutes together as Shane read out of Isaiah, and we ate some bread and drank the wine together.  GREAT times!

One of the neatest things about it, was that I wasn’t feeling well.  Shane said, “it’s ok buddy, you’re ox is in the ditch – why don’t we do this another time.”  I insisted that we go ahead, and he just pulled a chair up to the bed and we still made it happen.  It was a great moment, and I felt refreshed even though I wasn’t with my spiritual family at the church in Bowling Green.  I couldn’t help but think about the passage where Jesus told his disciples, “where two or three are gathered in My name, I am with them.”  We continued to talk for a few minutes about our special bonds in Christ, and how it was only through Him that we could share in such deep times of devotion together – and perhaps in time, we can use those moments to sharpen one another’s spiritual swords.  Shane is a great friend to me, and a great mentor to my son, Jacob, who loves him dearly.  …Fact is, almost nobody DOESN’T LOVE Shane.  He’s a selfless servant of Christ, who’s about as wacky as a human can be, and still be G rated!

Oh, and our quartet did well… we did in fact qualify to go to the “big show” this July, and will be fortunate to be one of about 45 quartets from around the world going for the International Championship.  Great, great times, with great friends.  Feel free to visit www.lunchbreakquartet.com and leave us a comment!


One thought on “Whenever two or three are gathered in My name…

  1. Hey Droo Buddy…
    Very nice blog entry and once again
    CONGRATULATIONS to my Great Honk quartet buddies on making it to the big show. You guys are awesome!
    Great Honk… Bass

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