Salt and Light. Now, more than ever!


More than ever, I realized tonight how amazingly important it is for God’s children to be salt and light in a world full of tasteless darkness.  “Come out and be separate, says the Lord” is resonating in my head loudly.

I’m at one of my work engagements, and having a blast.  My friends and colleages are fun people, and some of them are deeply God-fearing.  Others – not so much God-fearing in their everyday ethics and personal morality.  They are not evil people, they are simply demonstrating Satan’s impact on the world by their lack of Godliness.  I have no doubt they “fear” God, but they often don’t appear to let it translate into obedience, respect, and holiness.  I have come to believe that true disciples of Christ cannot possibly be brightening and seasoning the world without being within it.  To get to know people, and for them to get to know us, and know that we – without judgement upon them – choose to live a different life of holiness; separating ourselves from vulgar speaking, filthy thoughts, drunkenness, immorality.

Don’t get me wrong… I deeply struggle with holiness on a daily basis, and hope and pray that God’s rich mercy will cover my shortcomings.  I know that it will because the word repeatedly shows that Christ’s love is so deep for us; that his love was far greater than a simple trump card that was a one-time pass for us to be saved or not saved.  That his sacrifice was once for all time, so that we don’t repeatedly – year after year – have to offer sacrifices for ourselves, as the Hebrews did.  Isn’t that what grace is? 

Isn’t his grace sufficient for us?  Now and for always, Father – give me strength to be in and amongst my friends of the world, and show them Jesus.  To love them, to show holiness to them, and while far from perfection, help me to show them in my conscious and unconscious actions that Jesus is truly the master of my life.  And thank you for placing dear Christian brothers close to me to help encourage.


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