Let the Little Children Come to Me

logo2Jesus said in Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” While I see his point… he was trying to show that one must transform his heart into that of a little child to come into the kingdom of Heaven, I struggle with his teaching.

I struggle b/c I know it’s hard.  I know it’s difficult to become trusting again – so innocent, so warm, so needing to be loved.  I’ve begun a new chapter in my life and I LOVE it.  I’m the Director of Instructional Technology at Prattville Christian Academy in Prattville, AL.  My job entails the vision of the technology of the school, as well as teaching a Jr. High computer class, a Sr. High computer class, and all Elementary computer from 2nd to 6th.  I also teach Sr. high Bible, which is awesome, and am a D-Line coach on the football team.  As time goes on, I’m trying to create a school-wide grid for technology, so it all connects together for a PCA education that is engulfed in technology.

The reason I struggle is b/c I came into the school year with very LITTLE experience with little kids.  I mean I’ve always loved them, but my only experience thus far has been my own kids.   I am beginning to believe the Lord worked it this way so I could begin to see what true service and ministry is all about.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for our elementary teachers (at all schools) who deal with this CRAZINESS every day.  But I’ve begun to see a change in myself.  I’m trying to be patient, show them how to do computer things, but above all to be real.  I’ve noticed kids starting to high-five me in the halls, come by and wrap their arms around my waist for a big-ol’ hug, and otherwise wave and say, “hey Coach Ellis!!”  It’s really… pretty cool.

Their smiles are so precious.  These kids are lumps of clay to be molded; some of them already have gravel, rocks, sand, and other trash in their clay.  Maybe their home lives are messed up and we teachers see it.  But I believe the Lord uses teachers – and especially teachers in Christian schools – to minister to our kids.  We must BE Christ to them, and show them how to glorify God in all things.  They don’t know how to do it; we have to mold them.PCA 2009

And most of all; Lord Jesus, help me to become like a little child,  and desire the kingdom.  Here I am bumping along – a 35 y/o who’s out of shape, balding, and needing freshness in life – help me to have a heart to forgive.  Help me to see love immediately.  Help me to draw near to those who show kindness and love, and tattle on those who do evil.  Well not really… but help me to readily see Satan’s work, call it out, and oppose it as your child.  Help me to high-five Jesus in my life when I see him.  Help me to wrap my arms around his waist and grow love for him more and more in my heart.

Lord, bless our President, our Principals, our Teachers and Coaches as we try to do your work.  Refresh us in your spirit, and help us to minister to our kids.  You alone will bless us or abandon us, and I pray that we will always be the place you are alive and well.  Father, help us to glorify you in ALL we do.


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