The Blind Side

It’s been forever since I’ve posted.  this year has been a bad one for me to keep up on the blog.  Last night, Elizabeth & I went with my brother & sis-in-law to see the Blind Side.  It’s a story about a kid – Michael Oher (pronounced Oar) – who grew up in Memphis, was admitted (somehow) to Briarcrest Christian  School, and became a part of a not-so-conventional family of well-to-do pale faces on the East side of Memphis.

The story is all about Michael’s redemption, and REALLY about the redemption of the Touhy family; a white family who has compassion for him when they see him walking the streets without a place to go when it’s raining and cold outside.  Michael’s mother was a drug addict, and he was raised to this point in his life in the downtown projects (Hurt) in Memphis.

Citing their Christian duty, the mother of the white family (played by Sandra Bullock) convinces the husband (played by Tim McGraw) and kids that they have no choice but to love and care for this kid.  He was after all, 6’6″ – about 320, and with the heart of a puppy dog.  They take in Michael, and gain custody of him through the state.  He leads Briarcrest (Wingate in the movie) to the playoffs and acquires a scholarship at Ole Miss.

I was overcome by emotion the entire movie.  Not only had we lived in Memphis for 5 years, and experienced this culture through both urban ministry and Elizabeth’s crisis intervention work, but we had also adopted a beautiful baby boy who was African American – who’s now 9.  Memphis is a large city in the mid-south that has the same struggles as the large urban ones of New York, LA, Houston, and Chicago; drugs, prostitution, violence.  They need Jesus worse than anything in their lives.

REAL Jesus.  Not fancy churches, or charitable outreach that is here today, and gone tomorrow so that others can feel like they’ve cared for the poor, clothed the naked, or housed the homeless.  What the Touhy’s did for Oher was real Jesus.  I don’t know them personally; and I know they were REALLY well off.  I hope and pray it was the real Jesus who motivated them to act on their faith with Michael Oher;  I have no doubt that is really was.  The kind of kindness that is real and experienced, taken home, and reflected on long after people are in their quiet times.

I’ve come to believe that it is impossible to minister to someone without them seeing the real meaning behind it.  If it is Christ, they will see the selflessness that is behind it.  It if is selfish, people will see it.  If you truly love someone with the love of Christ, it is infectious, and they will share it with others.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE!  It’s a great one.  The love of Christ is the most motivating pure force one can gather.  May God grant us all his grace to overcome ourselves and become the people we need to be.


7 thoughts on “The Blind Side

  1. Drew – We saw this movie over the holidays. I read the book a couple of years ago and it is even better than the movie. It really does drive home the way individuals can change the world if they will first stop accepting all of our culture’s dictums. The Touhy family, wealthy, white, and educated, took in a street kid, poor, black, and flunking. They dedicated their resources and did not care what other people thought. What an example of what Christianity can look like!

    You are inspiring me, Drew. I am going to have to restart my blog site.

  2. i agree wit you about the movie. if you live for God and put your mind to it you can do anything. Even go to the leage

  3. I agree it was a great movie. The movie dealt a lot with favortism. Throughout the movie the watchers were meant to get the impression that poor, big, and black people were considered “lower” in society.
    The mother of the white family truly acted on her faith. She had faith and work which on two sides of the same coin.

    • i believe this has alot to do with james2. the women (sandra bullock) could have easily let him keep walking that night instead of proving him a place to stay,because of his skin pigment or just because he was alot larger then them.but she didnt a finaly adopted him.

  4. I love this movie, it deals with a lot of things, mostly favortism, grace, and works. Mrs. Toughy show grace towards michael when he makes mistakes. I think everyone should see this movie, it is very inspiring

  5. *This is my 2nd time posting because somehow there was a posting error the 1st time 😦

    I went to see this movie with my mom and grandma and we were just amazed at the goodness in the Touhy’s hearts. This family did not look at Michael’s lack of money, or color as something apalling, but welcoming him into their home. They showed no judgement or favoritism which is the theme of James 2. They helped him, but really he had a huge positive impact on their life, which wasn’t expected.

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