About Droo

I live in Edmond, OK and serve as the Instructional Technologist for Oklahoma Christian Academy, along with Choir director, and Coach. I am married to Elizabeth, and we have 3 awesome kids, Jacob and Amberlee, and Mason – 15, 12, and 6.  I’m into a cappella singing of all types; but have a particular passion for Barbershop harmony, and am addicted to NBC’s the Sing Off.

I’m restoring a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle.  That was the first model of the VW crank sunroof.  It’s gonna be a blast!


One thought on “About Droo

  1. Drew, I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. I found your website through Ethan’s. Let me just agree that Casting Crowns is the best! I love the song you typed out. It gives me chills. Also, I have shared some of the same thoughts on my spiritual “heritage”, if you will. I am so thankful for the foundation in truth that I received as a child/adolescent. However, I am so thankful that I have been able to embark on a spiritual journey that is leading me to consider things in a way that I wouldn’t have, had I not moved away. (Don’t let Elizabeth read that last sentence. She would’ve really marked that one up as my English teacher–ha!) I may end up raising my family there, but I feel like my experiences in Florida have taught me a lot. Hope to hear from you!

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